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New Doctor Who Pattern, ‘COOL’

Two in one day! I’m on a roll, or something like that :P
I made this one because every Doctor who fan knows that fezzes are Cool. But only if you’re wearing a bow-tie.
Bow-ties are cool.


the pattern is on the free patterns page

Happy sewing :)

10’s Sonic Screwdriver

So I have a new pattern to share with you today. I started this pattern sometime last year, probably sometime in October or November before the Christmas project of 2010 took over my life :P
I had finished the pattern but didn’t have time to test it until today. So I sewed it and then made a few minor adjustments and now it is ready for the world. I’ll post the pic here now but If you want the pattern you’ll have to go over to my free patterns link up on the top of the page :)

10 sonic screwdriver

Hope you’ll enjoy the pattern



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