I’ve been working on this one on and off for a while now and finally got it right :)
(this pic is from an earlier test so the seams are not as the final pattern is but they look just the same though)

This is Eve from Wall-e she is 10″
If you like you can embroider a little green plant on her :)

Happy Sewing


This is the the Yuletide Cat

Jólakötturinn - the Yuletide cat

It is said that if you don’t get new clothing for Christmas (it is enough to get a small thing like a sock) you ‘go to the Yuletide cat’. He was a giant of a cat bigger than most people and he really likes the taste of humans :P (but apparently only those that wear old clothes)

Happy sewing

95 – Lightning McQueen

Every day is a good day for a new pattern, right?

I was playing around with some more cars patterns the other night when I couldn’t sleep. This one came around two in the morning :P

Cars 95 is 10″ and I think it would make a marvelous banner on a little boy’s or girl’s (or your) wall.

my other Disney patterns can be found on the patterns page

Happy sewing


The last of the lads is here.
This is Kertasníkir

Kertasníkir -  Candle Beggar

I think he is my favorite lad :)
If you missed any of the patterns they are all over on the patterns page

even if all the lads are here there are still 3 more pattern in the series to come :)

happy sewing

Tow Mater

I have had a lot of requests for cars patterns after I did Lightning McQueen a while ago.
So after at least a year of working on him (on and off) I finally finished my 2nd Cars pattern

I give you Mater

he is 10″ and I wouldn’t recommend him for a beginner.

Have fun making him and I’ll see you next Monday with a new Yuletide pattern :)


I’ve been really busy working on a new project, it’s really exiting but that is all I can say about it. It’s taking up most of my time right now. But still I had time to put up today’s Yuletide lad. If a little later in the day than usual.
Here he is Ketkrokur he is 7″

Ketkrókur - Meat Hook

Now there is only one lad to go and then I have 3 extra blocks after that. So 2 more weeks of Yuletide and I’ll be done :)

Happy sewing


I’m running a little late today but I finally finished todays lad.
But Gáttaþefur is here now and he is 7″

Gáttaþefur - Door Sniffer

happy sewing


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