District 1

So a new week and a new Pattern :)

Today I bring you the next pattern in my Hunger Games series.
This is District 1
District 1
District 1 is 10″ and lives on the Sci-fi / Fantasy page along with the rest of my Hunger Games patterns

Happy sewing

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There wasn’t a pattern last week due to me being sick and really not feeling up to sewing (I tried to sew with a fever once and I’m really not in a hurry to try that again :P)

But this week brings you more cars. This is my favorite car Guido.
When my Nephew saw him he automatically asked ‘where is Luigi’ So I guess I will be making him as well in the future (haven’t started him though)

Guido is 10″x8″ and lives on the cartoons/comics page

and don’t forget the 6th Hobbit block came out yesterday You can find it over on Fandom In Stitches

Happy sewing

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Yay! It’s time for this weeks pattern. Wich this week is taken off the Fandom in stitches requests page.

I have to admit I know wery little about the Thundercats other than that my nephew watches the cartoons on Saturday mornings (at wich point I’m hopefully napping after my 5am paper deliverys)
But as always If I see some requests that interest me I do try to make them :)


Thundercats is 5″ and lives on the cartoons/comics page

Happy sewing and I’ll see you next week

I'm a Craftsy Designer


I was actually. Planing on having another pattern today but with all the quilting I’ve been doing on my 2/12 I didn’t have time to test it. So I went with the one I was planing on posting next week but had already sewn and finished the pattern.
Thanks to that you’ll get another Hunger games pattern this week:)
This pattern is called Capitol and is the Capitols crest (from the upcoming movie). I am making a series if these that (if all goes well) will be one each month for this year.
I’m making all mine with batik fabrics on black background.

Capitol is 10″ and you can find it and my other Hunger Games patterns in the Scify/fantasy section

Happy sewing

Hunting tools

Hey it’s Thursday again. That means a new pattern, and a little update on 12 for 2012.

I finally went and got fabric for the backing of my February project. I’m going to use an old Harry Potter quilt cover panel but I needed some extra on each side of it so it’s wide enough. I got a fabric called ‘Busy Bees’ by Tammy Deyong it is in Gryffindor red and gold (yellow) so It’s just perfect for this :D

Now I just need to cut it and then get started with the quilting. I’m honestly not sure I can finish the whole thing in the 3 weeks that are left of February but I can at least try :)

On to todays pattern


This is Katniss she is 5” and lives on the Scifi/Fantasy page. The string for the bow is embroidered about a 1/4” from the nearest seam :)

I don’t really like the background fabric I used for the test piece but I like the overall pattern

Happy Sewing and I’ll see you all next week


Over the rainbow

We have a quick and easy little pattern this week. Based on the ever wonderful musical The Wizard of Oz.


OZ is 5” and lives on the Musicals/other page.

Don’t forget to check back next week for an all new Hunger Games pattern :)

Happy sewing



fyrir auglýsingu

It’s Smurfy!

Another free fandom pattern comes into the world :)

In case you haven’t realized I’ve been trying to be more organized in my posting this year. New patterns come out on Thursdays. I choose this day because I feel that nothing ever happens on Thursdays (at least not for me). I may come up with something else for the other days as the year goes by but you should be able to count on a new pattern on Thursdays :)

That being said, here is the pattern of the day. It is a part of my Smurf series and I’m sad to say I made it last fall but didn’t have the time to finalize it until now.

Smurf House

This is Smurf House it is 10” and lives on the cartoons/comics page along with it’s possible owner Clumsy


I still have one more finished Smurf I have yet to test and It will be showing up sometime later this year :)


Happy sewing



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