The last of my Yuletide lads collection is here.
Leppalúði is 7″

If you missed any of the other patterns they are all in the Free patterns page

Happy sewing

and don’t forget there is a new There and back again pattern next Wednesday on fandom in stitches

there are a couple of new patterns in my etsy store

Santa Claus is coming to town

he’s been reading a list and checking in twice.
and probably thinks that I’m very very nice :D

santa is here and he is 10″ to match Rudolph

I should probably add that they eyes are not paper pieced. I embroidered mine but you can of course stencil or applique or even use a button or beads for the eyes.

and now I’m heading to bed since it’s after midnight and I’ve been working on him most of the evening.

I hope you all enjoy

SewCalGal’s 2011 Christmas Quilt Show

If you follow my blog you must know that I love Christmas. And I love quilting. Of course that brings on a lot of Christmas themed quilts. So when Jennifer pointed out to me the SewCalGal’s Christmas Quilt Show I knew I had to participate :D

First I bring you ‘Jólasveinakvæði’ (or the Yuletide lads quilt) witch I designed and made before last Christmas.
It is based on an old Icelandic folk tale about 13 brothers who now days serve as kind of an Icelandic Santa’s.


I also made a small table runner from some of my yuletide collection test pieces
Christmas Table Runner

Next up is Tree Trimming a design from Sewhooked Witch I made for my grandparent’s wedding anniversary (December 23d) last year.

Tree Trimming

My Christmas project this year is what I call ‘Sue got mail’ This little wall-hanging has pockets to hold my Christmas cards (once they start arriving) again these are patterns from Sewhooked

2011 Christmas project

I’m also working on patterns based on the classic christmas cartoon Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. And am planing on making placemats from these :)


These are my Christmas offerings :)
Be sure to go to http://sewcalgal.blogspot.com/ and see all the other holiday loveliness :)


You could even say it glows

New pattern you say :P I’ve been in a festive mood lately and decided that this one just had to be made :)

I don’t think there is a child alive that doesn’t know who he is :)

Rudolph Is 10″ and just waiting to decorate your house :)

Happy Sewing

Don’t forget to wist my etsy store for non fandom patterns


Gríla is the mother of the Yuletide lads. It is said that she collected naughty children in her bag and took them to her cave where she cooked them in a huge pot for all her children. (13 yuletide lads and 80 trolls)

Gríla is 7″ :)

Happy Sewing


I’ve been working on this one on and off for a while now and finally got it right :)
(this pic is from an earlier test so the seams are not as the final pattern is but they look just the same though)

This is Eve from Wall-e she is 10″
If you like you can embroider a little green plant on her :)

Happy Sewing


This is the the Yuletide Cat

Jólakötturinn - the Yuletide cat

It is said that if you don’t get new clothing for Christmas (it is enough to get a small thing like a sock) you ‘go to the Yuletide cat’. He was a giant of a cat bigger than most people and he really likes the taste of humans :P (but apparently only those that wear old clothes)

Happy sewing


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