Black Widow

Thanks to he awesome people over on the new Fandom In Stitches pattern testers facebook group  There are going to be a whole lot of patterns coming your way in the next few weeks :)

Today we have another Marvel superhero. This one (like so many others) comes straight from the fis requests page.

So here she is the Black Widow


Black Widow

Thank you to Amy Robles for testing the pattern

and as always

happy sewing



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Hulk Smash!

He may not be my favorite superhero, but he is my nephews favorite. It must be something about getting real mad and wanting to brake things that he likes hihi. Some thing he can relate to at 6 1/2 years.
That means that I had to make his logo



and continuing on with the Avengers theme I have these days I also have Thor. Marvels, Thor Doesn’t really have a logo, not that I could find at least. so I made Mjölnir it seems very like him at any rate.



I’d like to thank the lovely ladies over on ‘Fandom In Stitches Pattern Testers’ group on facebook who tested these for me.

as always
Happy Sewing

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Undead Elements

My nephew and myself have been playing a lot of Skylander lately. So after he went to bed one Saturday I sat down to my computer and started drawing up patterns. I put the patterns up on my Untested Patterns page that same night.

So now the first of the Untested Patterns has been tested and can move to it’s rightful place witch happens to be a new page The Games and Tech page

Tested Pattern - Liljabs
Block sewn by TweLoQ

Undead Pattern .

If You want the whole set the rest of the elements are over on the untested page waiting patiently to be tested so they can move to their permanent home.

wallHappy sewing


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Even more fun and exiting patterns

Hi everyone. I’m here to tell you about a new part of :P ( to much like a commercial? hihi)

Since I started working full time and moved into my own apartment just over a year ago. I don’t have as much time for my craft as I used to. And most of the time I have i seem to gravitate towards drawing new patterns rather than sewing them. I haven’t put up any of my untested patterns because I’d feel really bad if some beginner want’s to make that block and if there are problems they might be discouraged to try again being sure that they are doing something wrong and giving up. I don’t want that to happen to anyone.
But I also want my readers to be able to get new patterns as I design them rather than wait until the sewing muse hits me upside the head with my (quite heavy) sewing machine :)

So I give you the Untested Patterns page it only has a few patterns up yet, But it will start to grow as I go through my patterns and see what I have ready. And then it will hopefully start to get smaller again once you guys start testing them out for me and telling me if they need to be fixed or are ok to be added to their proper page.

one of the first patterns on the page is the much requested continuation of my Rudolph set


So happy sewing and happy testing


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Ms. Marvel

Continuing on with my awesome superhero patterns. Here is one that I drew up some time ago  but didn’t have time to test before now.

Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel

I used a little bit of embroidery on this one to define the star better. But You can also use a slightly different yellow for the star :)

This pattern along with my other superheroes can be found on the cartoons & comics page

Happy sewing


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Not All Who Wander are Lost

It has hopefully not gone unnoticed by anyone that I’m hosting a lord of the rings Block(s) of the month over on Fandom In Stitches this year called Not All Who Wander are Lost. The first post was January 4th and it will be posted every first Friday of the month through December 6th ending in a full 45 by 61 Inch quilt top (for someones Christmas gift perhaps).

Well finally last month I had my first pattern up it’s called Isengard and in a 7×23 Inch pattern showing Souroman’s Tower ‘the Orthanc’

Not All Who Wander

Isengard Pattern

I also happen to have two patterns this month. It is one of only two months that the same designer has more than one pattern.

The first one being Treebeard. This is something I really wanted to do since he is one of my favorite characters from the films (the books being a completely different matter :P )


Treebeard Pattern

The last offering of today is one of my older patterns that you may or may not have noticed vanishing from my site around two years ago when I decided to use it as a part of the bom. So here it comes again the Shard of Narsil


Shard Of Narsil Pattern

So that’s it for today. Make sure to check out Fandom In Stitches the first Friday of every month this year for new Not All Who Wander are Lost patterns.

and as always

Happy sewing


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True Updates

Ever since I got EQ7 I’ve been meaning to update my older patterns. So here is my first batch of updates.
These are some of the first patterns I designed back in 2010 and honestly they really did need to be updated :P

There are not a lot of changes but in all they have a much cleaner look and they are a lot more printer friendly (as in they don’t have the dark colors that my org patterns often have)

anyways here are my True Blood patterns all polished up and shiny






True Blood

Happy Sewing


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