Garden party winners

It’s time for our 2 garden party winners. Who will each get one free pattern of their choice from my Craftsy store

Fist I drew a name from those who had posted the Bluebird in the Garden Party Flicker group

and the name that came out of the hat is

the winner from the comments is

Congratulations to our winners. You will be contacted later today.

and thank you everyone who commented and shared your versions of the Bluebird they are all amazing.

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Buzy week and some Mythbusters :P

So this week has been a little mad for me. Since last Friday when my blog hop post went up (you still have until tomorrow to comment on the blog hop post to be entered to win).
I spent Easter weekend at the farm. Mostly I was rereading the Hunger Games series and doing some embroidery on my TABABOM which is now ready to be quilted :D. and didn’t get home until late on Monday.
Tuesday I had a dentist appointment at 9:00 and was pretty loopy for the rest of the day (I hate going to the dentist).
Yesterday (Wednesday) was my birthday and my mum took me fabric shopping, “you can have anything you want” I went a little crazy :D
Then today my gerbil passed away (at least he waited until after my birthday) and we went to the farm, mostly for a place to keep the cage which is actually a fish tank. But the weather was lovely and I spent the day in the sandbox with Tristan and the dogs (my sisters Papillion and my aunt’s Icelandic sheep dog)

Anyways I didn’t have time to test my new pattern that really doesn’t need testing since it’s super simple. It’s inspired by the Mythbusters. I really wanted to make a Mythbusters pattern but what really represents them? Well this is the first thing that sprang to mind :P

This would be a roll of Duckt Tape and it’s 5″

I’ll see you guys tomorrow with the 2 winners
Happy sewing

Paper Pieced Pattern-A-Day Garden Party Blog Hop!

Hi and welcome to :)
today is my day in the garden party block hop.

When I think of gardens the first thing that comes into my mind is Birds, so I thought it was perfect to make a bird block.

This is Bluebird and it is 10″

But I’m also having a giveaway this week. I’m giving away 2 patterns of your choice from my Craftsy store. there will be 2 winners (randomly chosen) that will each get one pattern. one winner will be drawn from the comments on this post and the other from finished ‘Bluebird’ patterns posted in the garden party flickr group The winners will be announced (and contacted) a week from today on April 13th (I hope you’re not superstitious since it’s a Friday :P)
You can click the link below to see my craftsy patterns.

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Happy sewing

Girl Power

Looking over my Comic book patters I realized that there is a serious lack of Girl Power. I really feel I need to fix that. I find that there are very few female superheroes that have their own logo though. It’s all super girl and bat girl… that use their male counterparts logo. But there is one that is the original super girl.

Our first Female super hero

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is 5″ and is now joining the other heroes on the Comics/cartoons page

Paper Pieced Pattern-A-Day Garden Party Blog Hop

Just to let you guys know. I’m participating in sewhooked’s Paper Pieced pattern-a-day Garden party blog hop. It starts on April 1st so remember to check out Sewhooked on Sunday (and every day in April) for a free garden party themed Paper pieced pattern. My date is April 6th. So next weeks pattern will be up on Friday instead of the normal Thursday :)

Happy sewing and I’ll see you next week

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District 1

So a new week and a new Pattern :)

Today I bring you the next pattern in my Hunger Games series.
This is District 1
District 1
District 1 is 10″ and lives on the Sci-fi / Fantasy page along with the rest of my Hunger Games patterns

Happy sewing

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There wasn’t a pattern last week due to me being sick and really not feeling up to sewing (I tried to sew with a fever once and I’m really not in a hurry to try that again :P)

But this week brings you more cars. This is my favorite car Guido.
When my Nephew saw him he automatically asked ‘where is Luigi’ So I guess I will be making him as well in the future (haven’t started him though)

Guido is 10″x8″ and lives on the cartoons/comics page

and don’t forget the 6th Hobbit block came out yesterday You can find it over on Fandom In Stitches

Happy sewing

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Yay! It’s time for this weeks pattern. Wich this week is taken off the Fandom in stitches requests page.

I have to admit I know wery little about the Thundercats other than that my nephew watches the cartoons on Saturday mornings (at wich point I’m hopefully napping after my 5am paper deliverys)
But as always If I see some requests that interest me I do try to make them :)


Thundercats is 5″ and lives on the cartoons/comics page

Happy sewing and I’ll see you next week

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