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We have a quick and easy little pattern this week. Based on the ever wonderful musical The Wizard of Oz.


OZ is 5” and lives on the Musicals/other page.

Don’t forget to check back next week for an all new Hunger Games pattern :)

Happy sewing



fyrir auglýsingu

It’s Smurfy!

Another free fandom pattern comes into the world :)

In case you haven’t realized I’ve been trying to be more organized in my posting this year. New patterns come out on Thursdays. I choose this day because I feel that nothing ever happens on Thursdays (at least not for me). I may come up with something else for the other days as the year goes by but you should be able to count on a new pattern on Thursdays :)

That being said, here is the pattern of the day. It is a part of my Smurf series and I’m sad to say I made it last fall but didn’t have the time to finalize it until now.

Smurf House

This is Smurf House it is 10” and lives on the cartoons/comics page along with it’s possible owner Clumsy


I still have one more finished Smurf I have yet to test and It will be showing up sometime later this year :)


Happy sewing


Wordless Wednesday


Another day another superhero :D

This was a request last year. I finished the pattern a while ago but I didn’t have time to test it until now. So now I give you, The Flash

The Flash is 5″ and is on the cartoons/comics page along with his superhero friends.or possibly arch nemesis-isis (whatever)

SupermanWatchmen logoAvengersCaptain AmericaGreen Lanternfantastic 4SpidermanX-men

Have fun

1/12 and more UFOs

12 for 2012

I finished my 1/12 last night. We had a storm and a power out so I spent that time hand sewing the back of the binding. For light I had an old camping light I didn’t want to use  a candle in case I’d burn it. It was weirdly a lot of fun in a old fashion kind of way, Sitting in a corner and binding a quilted wall-hanging . The quilting is really just a basic stitch in the ditch. I think that is the best way for this pattern I just enhanced the images by stitching around them and again the frame around them.

There really wasn’t much that I had left to do on the January UFO. Just the binding and Quilting so before and after pics are kind of silly. I’ll just show my finished project hanging on the wall (were ‘Sue’s got mail’ hung during Christmas)


Twilight Cover Classic film

(most of the patterns are designed by Cat Magraith and can be found over on Fandom In Stitches the border pattern is by Jennifer Ofenstein and is found on her site Sewhooked)

Of course since I’ve finished this project It’s a must to start at least 3 new ones (this month) lol. I’m currently in the middle of making Jennifer’s ‘A Little Haunted’ Wall-hanging. I’m making a Hunger Games quilt and am working on a wall-hanging/table-runner pattern for my etsy shop. I’m really loving that one it’s going to be amazing!

And then I’ve been thinking 2/12 witch is my 1/3 PODBOW. As with 1/12  (that’s a lot of numbers)I only have to quilt and bind but I’m a little scared that I’ll ruin it because I’ve never quilted anything that big before. But the best thing is just to start and hope for the best. I found this old Harry Potter quilt cover set (that’s what it’s called on the label) probably from 2001 in a garage sale. That I’m going to use for the backing. I’ve been taking it apart today and it looks like I’ll need to add a little fabric to the sides to make it work but otherwise I’ll just need to put it together with the batting and start. Well and that I‘ll need to move my sewing stuff into the living-room while quilting it. My sewing room’s 6² feet just aren’t going to work with something that big.

Well I’m off to work on some of my UFOs

Happy sewing


Birthday giveaway winner and a new pattern

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. The winner of the first Birthday giveaway will be announced. But in case it wasn’t you who won I do have a conciliation prize for the rest of you.

A new Hunger Games pattern. I did promise you guys that there were more to come this year :)   I’m planning on Posting one new Hunger Games pattern each month this year, It’s not a BOM or anything just a personal goal. So if you are a Hunger Games fan be sure to come by often to see if there are any new patterns Smile

The winner is:


Congratulations Sandy. You should already have and email from me Smile

Ice Horse

For those that didn’t win the Ice Horse pattern is available on my Etsy page for only 5$

For the first Hunger Games pattern of the year I decided to go with a representation of my favorite character Finnick Odair. And nothing really represents Finnick better than his Trident (well maybe a piece of rope would. (Hmm there’s another pattern idea)). Finnick's Trident Trident is 5" and lives on the Sci-fi and Fantasy page

Happy sewing and I’ll see you soon


1st Birthday giveaway

Cupcakes Birthday Cake anyone?

Today Liljabs.com has officially been ‘on air’ for a whole year. In honor of that wonderful occasion I’m having the first (annual?) birthday giveaway!
The prize is a PDF file with my ‘Ice horse’ pattern witch is available in my etsy store

Ice Horse
‘Ice Horse’ is a 10″ paper pieced pattern based on one of my grandfathers horses.

All who comment on this post will be put in the pot to win and one random winner will be drawn and announced next Wednesday (January 11th).

On to the first pattern of the year.
This I believe is a baseball team logo. I’ve never watched baseball and know nothing of any teams. But it was a request on fandom in stitches and I really liked how it looked.

So I give you the cardinals

sample pieced by hp5freak

Cardinals is 10″ and can be found here

happy sewing and remember you need to comment to win and leave me some way to get in touch with you :D


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