Fabric Friday

It’s been way to long since I’ve done a fabric Friday

I found these in a ‘leftovers’ bin at JYSK and am planing on using it on this year Christmas project.
Witch also includes Sewhooked’s Sweet Sue tops the tree Sweet Sue Tops The Tree
and some of the ‘Sunbonnnet Sue’s Magical Friends’ series.


Here come the watchmen

I must be going mad. I’m just finishing new patterns like I was getting payed for it (witch I’m not plz don’t sue me)

anyways here is the Watchmen logo it is 5″
Watchmen logo

have fun making this one and don’t forget the 2nd ‘there and back again’ block will be out next Wednesday :)


Next lad is here
Askasleikir - Bowl Licker
Askasleikir is 7″

I’ll see you next Monday With a new lad
happy sewing

Are you feeling blue?

Well then you should definitely get to your sewing machine and have some fun making this little smurf.

This fellow is Clumsy and he is 10″

I have 2 more Smurf related patterns in the works so make sure to subscribe or bookmark so you’ll catch the next one :)

Happy sewing


It’s Monday again witch means a new Yuletide lad is up :D
Pottaskefill - Pot Scraper

Today’s lad is Pottaskefill and as the rest is 7″

see you on Thursday with the next one

Happy sewing


enter lad number four

Þvörusleikjir - Spoon Licker

Like the rest Þvörusleikir is 7″

Next lad will be up on the 24th

Happy sewing


Yuletide lad number 3 is ready

Stúfur - Stubby

Stúfur like the rest of the series is 7″

the next lad Þvörusleikir will be up this Thursday
Happy sewing


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