Hi there :D

I thought I should drop by and say Hi! It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I just wanted you guys to know that I’m still here. I’m just taking a little summer holiday.
That doesn’t mean I’m not quilting. For several weeks I’ve been working on quilting my 2nd PODBOW quilt. It’s going rather slowly it’s been so hot lately that I don’t really have the will to work on it much :P

I’ve also been working on Quilting Galleries Beginner’s Quilt along (link in the right sidebar). I’ve always just done paper piecing and never really traditional so it’s fun to learn the original way of piecing :P
here are the blocks I’ve done so far

Week 1 : Play a Game of Hopscotch
Play a Game of Hopscotch

Week 2 : Peek Over the Fence
Peek Over the Fence

Week 3 : Time for Ice Cream
Time for Ice Cream

Week 4 : Jump in the Pool
Jump in the Pool

So hopefully I’ll be back in full-time mode sometime soon until then
Happy sewing

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District 4 – Fishing

So I seem to be posting on random days now :P

The weather has been just amazing the past 2 weeks. And when there is sun here one has to go out and enjoy it :) (it doesn’t happen that often) and when not out enjoying the sun I’ve been working on this months 12 for 2012. that is my 2/3 Podbow. I have finished the top and just finished picking the paper off the back today so I’ll be starting the quilting this week and hopefully will have it finished real soon :)

This months hunger games pattern is finally here

District 4 - Fishing

District 4 is 10″ and can be found on the scify and fantasy page

I’m heading back out to enjoy the weather and our independence day (today June 17th)
Happy sewing

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Hello Kitty!

Hihi I have this weeks pattern ready to go. (I’m doing this in a real hurry since we have company from Finland that literally just walked through our front door) :P

This is a request that I promised a while ago and finally finished this week.

hello kitty is 10″ and lives on the cartoons/comics page

as the last time I’m working with a new software ‘EQ7’ and it’s going to take some time to get used to. If you notice any errors please contact me so I can fix it :)

I hope you are all having a wonderful summer and I’ll see you soon
Happy Sewing

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A clue (to why I’m posting a day late :P)

I have to apologize for being a day late today. I just completely forgot it was Thursday yesterday :P It was quite a buzy day for me with a Summer party at Tristan’s playschool and then the 2nd Eurovision semifinal. But anyways I have 3 Patterns to share with you today.
I have only tested one of it so if you find any errors please contact me so I can fix it (that goes with any patterns on my site). You may also notice that the pattern pieces are a little different than my normal style. That is because I’ve finally got EQ7. I’ve been wanting to get it for over a year now. and I can tell you it may be expensive but it has been getting lot of use the week that I’ve had it, and It’s only going to be used more as I learn how all the features work :D

If you are a fan on fandom in stitches You have probably already seen these.

There was a request on FIS Requests page from a grandmother of a little 4yrs old boy who is going to have his second liver transplant surgery soon. And she wanted to make him a blues clues quilt because he loves blues clues. So Jennifer, Michelle and myself have been hard at work this week making patterns for the quilt.
these are my three patterns and you can find them over on the cartoons/comics page



shovel and pail

I hope you’ll enjoy sewing these as much as I enjoyed creating them.
Happy Sewing

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District 3 – Technology

And we have come to this month’s Hunger Games Districts series pattern. We are up to month 4 now which means we are at District 3, the home of Nuts and Volts.

This Pattern is slightly different from the previous in the series. the difference being it’s not only paper pieced. The wheels are done with applique. I haven’t done much applique as you can probaly see from the pic below. But it was the only way without going into some ridiculous AAAA pattern pieces :P

District 3 - Technology
District 3 is 10″ and lives with the other Hunger Games Patterns on the Sci-Fi and Fantasy page

Happy sewing

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There’s no place like Pony Land

I’m making presents for my cousins that live in Finland. They are coming to visit this summer. They are each getting a pillow with something I know they like. The girl I know likes horses, but to put a little fandom in it I made a My little pony :)
(I just hope they don’t read my blog as that would ruin the surprise. But I don’t think they know about it)

My Little Pony
My Little Pony is 10″ and is on the Cartoons and Comics Page
I still have to embroider the nose and mouth on him.

I’ve also been working on my 4/12 for 2012. I only have to finish the binding and then it’s on to 5/12. But unfortunately I won’t be able to show it to you for a while since it’s a secret :P

anyways, Happy sewing :D

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Meet the President

I have a new pattern for you today. Once again I’m being inspired by the Hunger Games Trilogy.
This week I offer you President Snow. The pattern is a white rose which is something that I now always associate with him :)


snow is 5″ and joins his fellow Panem-iens on the Sci-fi and fantasy page.

be sure to come back next week for a new fandom pattern
happy sewing

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