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Hey it’s Thursday again. That means a new pattern, and a little update on 12 for 2012.

I finally went and got fabric for the backing of my February project. I’m going to use an old Harry Potter quilt cover panel but I needed some extra on each side of it so it’s wide enough. I got a fabric called ‘Busy Bees’ by Tammy Deyong it is in Gryffindor red and gold (yellow) so It’s just perfect for this :D

Now I just need to cut it and then get started with the quilting. I’m honestly not sure I can finish the whole thing in the 3 weeks that are left of February but I can at least try :)

On to todays pattern


This is Katniss she is 5” and lives on the Scifi/Fantasy page. The string for the bow is embroidered about a 1/4” from the nearest seam :)

I don’t really like the background fabric I used for the test piece but I like the overall pattern

Happy Sewing and I’ll see you all next week


Over the rainbow

We have a quick and easy little pattern this week. Based on the ever wonderful musical The Wizard of Oz.


OZ is 5” and lives on the Musicals/other page.

Don’t forget to check back next week for an all new Hunger Games pattern :)

Happy sewing



fyrir auglýsingu

It’s Smurfy!

Another free fandom pattern comes into the world :)

In case you haven’t realized I’ve been trying to be more organized in my posting this year. New patterns come out on Thursdays. I choose this day because I feel that nothing ever happens on Thursdays (at least not for me). I may come up with something else for the other days as the year goes by but you should be able to count on a new pattern on Thursdays :)

That being said, here is the pattern of the day. It is a part of my Smurf series and I’m sad to say I made it last fall but didn’t have the time to finalize it until now.

Smurf House

This is Smurf House it is 10” and lives on the cartoons/comics page along with it’s possible owner Clumsy


I still have one more finished Smurf I have yet to test and It will be showing up sometime later this year :)


Happy sewing


New Doctor Who Pattern, ‘COOL’

Two in one day! I’m on a roll, or something like that :P
I made this one because every Doctor who fan knows that fezzes are Cool. But only if you’re wearing a bow-tie.
Bow-ties are cool.


the pattern is on the free patterns page

Happy sewing :)

New Twilight Pattern. Bree Tanner

I have a new pattern up today on the free paper piecing page.

It is the cover art for Stephenie Meyers book ‘the short second life of Bree Tanner’ and is going in a Twilight wall-hanging I’m working on :)

Bree Tanner

Happy crafting


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