Games and Tech

If you make any of my blocks I would love to see a picture :)
You can send them to my email Here, leave a link in the comments or put your pic in my flickr group

All of my patterns are in PDF format. print scaling should be set to ‘none’ so it prints in correct size. (otherwise the bigger patterns that are on more than one page may not fit correctly together)
Clicking the picture brings you to a bigger version of the picture, clicking the text below the picture opens the patterns :)

My patterns are for personal and non-profit use only. And are Not for Reproduction or resale

Happy Sewing



This Pattern is 7″undead1undead This Pattern is 7″nature1Nature This Pattern is 7″earth1Earth This Pattern is 7″water1Water
This Pattern is 7″wind1Wind This Pattern is 7″FIRE1Fire This Pattern is 7″magic1Magic This Pattern is 7″tech1Tech

Please help me keep my free patterns free and go look at the patterns I have for sale on Craftsy

I'm a Craftsy Designer


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