Holiday themed

If you make any of my blocks I would love to see a picture :)
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All of my patterns are in PDF format. print scaling should be set to ‘none’ so it prints in correct size. (otherwise the bigger patterns that are on more than one page may not fit correctly together)
Clicking the picture brings you to a bigger version of the picture, clicking the text below the picture opens the patterns :)

My patterns are for personal and non-profit use only. And are Not for Reproduction or resale

Happy Sewing

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Yuletide lads Halloween

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

This Patterns is 10″
This pattern is 10″
This pattern is 10″
Hermey The Elf
 This Pattern is 10″yukonYukon
This Pattern is 10″frujolaMrs Claus This Pattern is 10″bumbel2Bumble

The Icelandic Yuletide Lads Íslensku Jólasveinarnir

this pattern is 7″
Stekkjastaur - Sheep-Cote Clod
this pattern is 7″
Giljagaur - Gully Gawk
this pattern is 7″
Stúfur - Stubby
this pattern is 7″
Þvörusleikjir - Spoon Licker
This pattern is 7″
Pottaskefill - Pot Scraper
this pattern is 7″
Askasleikir - Bowl Licker
This pattern is 7″
Hurðaskellir - Door Slammer
This pattern is 7″
Skyrgámur - Skyr Gobbler
This pattern is 7″
Bjúgnakrækir - Sausage Swiper
This pattern is 7″
Gluggagæjir - Window Peeper
This pattern is 7″
Gáttaþefur - Door Sniffer
This pattern is 7″
Ketkrókur - Meat Hook
This pattern is 7″
Kertasníkir -  Candle Beggar
This pattern is 7″
Jólakötturinn - the Yuletide cat
This pattern is 7″
This pattern is 7″
Juletide Lads
Full Poem
Jóhannesar úr Kötlum


This Patterns is 10″The Rising
The Rising
This pattern is 1″x5″The rising with flying candycorn borderflying candycorn border
as seen around the rising

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7 Responses to Holiday themed

  1. MªDolores says:

    gracias por estos patrones tan bonitos

  2. Linda J says:

    These are absolutely adorable especially Rudolph! Thanks so much for sharing your time and talents!

  3. Sue b says:

    thank you, i really am excited to try Rudolph

  4. Gina says:

    Love the Rudolph patterns, looking forward to more blocks from this story. Thank you.

  5. Irene Saumur says:

    I am so confused…are there instructions for the patterns or just patterns and we have to figure out how to build it?

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