Finished Twilight Quilt Top :D

I finished my Twilight quilt top this weekend. I’ve been working on it for over a year now.

Most of the blocks are from Twilight_crafts block of the month (twibom). All of the twibom blocks are designed by hardhatcat. A few of the blocks I used to finish my quilt are by sewhooked with slight alterations by me on two of the designs, and two of them are mine. I really love how it came out. It is without a doubt the best pieced together of all my (now two) finished quilt tops (that is not a wall hanging)
Twibom Quilt top

to sort out what design is by who. (or is it whom?)

The lion and the graduation cap in the next to lowest line are my patterns and are available on the free patterns page

the other four patterns in that line are and the ‘Crystal ball’ above the lion are Sewhooked’s.

the one beside that ‘rosemm’ I call it is a split between hardhatcats pattern the rose and a crest I found on

All the rest are Hardhatcat’s from the Twibom. you can find those patterns on sewhooked’s guest designer page

If you want a closer look at the individual blocks I have them all on my flickr.

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