The 2011 Christmas Project

When I was making last years yuletide lad quilt I decided that I should make it sort of a tradition, to make a new crafty project every Christmas. Isn’t it much more fun to have home made decorations. So when people ask ‘were did you get that’ I can say oh I made it and there is no other just like it in the world 🙂

This year it started with Sewhooked’s ‘Sweet Sue Tops The Tree’ pattern. I made it and then went ‘what to do with it now it’s made?’. After several days of thinking and at least a week of planing I came up with this:

It doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m open to suggestions.

But the interesting ting is what it is for. You see the little blue parts are actually pockets to hold my Christmas cards (once they start to arrive).

I don’t know about others but in my family we save all the Christmas card we get until Christmas eve. And after dinner we all sit down in our living room and read our Christmas cards. But it is nice to have a pretty place to store them all until they are opened 🙂

So this was my 2011 Christmas project. I’ll be back tomorrow with a new yuletide lad
until then happy crafting y’all

PS. The 2nd Hobbit block of the month is up on Fandom In Stitches today so please go check it out 😀

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2 Responses to The 2011 Christmas Project

  1. ofenjen says:

    I LOVE it! And how clever to make pockets for your cards, too!

    We hang all of our cards from string in our living room and they become part of our decorations. 🙂

    • liljabs says:

      Thank you 🙂
      I spent a whole lot of time figuring out how to get the pockets to work right because I didn’t want the edge to be inside the pockets. So I had to piece it together as I quilted.

      We tried to hang our cards on a string one year, but the cat kept finding new and exiting ways of pulling it down and there would be cards all over the floor. (and one very happy cat playing with a piece of string) 🙂

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