95 – Lightning McQueen

Every day is a good day for a new pattern, right?

I was playing around with some more cars patterns the other night when I couldn’t sleep. This one came around two in the morning 😛

Cars 95 is 10″ and I think it would make a marvelous banner on a little boy’s or girl’s (or your) wall.

my other Disney patterns can be found on the patterns page

Happy sewing

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3 Responses to 95 – Lightning McQueen

  1. ofenjen says:

    Go prolific girl, go!

    • liljabs says:

      It’s really amazing I’m managing to get anything else done. with the way I’m throwing these out every other day 😛

      • ofenjen says:

        I’ve been designing a lot, but haven’t had much time to sew. I have three new ones I’m dying to get pieced, but they’ll have to wait until the deadline I have coming up. Bah on working, I want to sew!!

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