District 4 – Fishing

So I seem to be posting on random days now 😛

The weather has been just amazing the past 2 weeks. And when there is sun here one has to go out and enjoy it 🙂 (it doesn’t happen that often) and when not out enjoying the sun I’ve been working on this months 12 for 2012. that is my 2/3 Podbow. I have finished the top and just finished picking the paper off the back today so I’ll be starting the quilting this week and hopefully will have it finished real soon 🙂

This months hunger games pattern is finally here

District 4 - Fishing

District 4 is 10″ and can be found on the scify and fantasy page

I’m heading back out to enjoy the weather and our independence day (today June 17th)
Happy sewing

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2 Responses to District 4 – Fishing

  1. I love your designs. especially this collection of The Hunger Games. Are you going to continue it? Kisses from Venezuela!

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