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If you make any of my blocks I would love to see a picture :)
You can send them to my email Here, leave a link in the comments or put your pic in my flickr group

All of my patterns are in PDF format. print scaling should be set to ‘none’ so it prints in correct size. (otherwise the bigger patterns that are on more than one page may not fit correctly together)
Clicking the picture brings you to a bigger version of the picture, clicking the text below the picture opens the patterns :)

My patterns are for personal and non-profit use only. And are Not for Reproduction or resale

Happy Sewing

Blue’s Clues Cars Comics
Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo Misc
Planes Smurfs Superman Alphabet

Blue’s Clues

This Pattern Is
10″ periwinkle
This Pattern Is
10″ Salt/Pepper
This Pattern Is
10″ shovel and pail


This Pattern is 10″carsCars This pattern is 10″ Cars 95 Cars 95 This Pattern is 10″x8″ Guido This pattern is 10″x 6″ Lightning McQueen Lightning McQueen
This pattern is 10″ Tow Mater Mater This Pattern is 10″vdSally




Black Widow

comics 5″

Captain America
Captain America  5″


Fantastic 4fantastic 4 5″
The FlashFlash 5″
Green LanternGreen Lantern 5″
Hulkcomicsq 5″
Hydrahydrav110″ Iron Mancomicss 5″
Captain MarvelMs. Marvel 5″


Shieldcomics 5″
SpidermanSpiderman 5″
SupermanSuperman 5″
Thorcomics2 5″
ThundercatsThundercats 5″

Watchmen logo 5″

Wonder WomanWonder Woman 5″
You can find more Comic book hero blocks on the untested patterns page


This pattern is
10″ buzzpiecedbyshecrazy13 Buzz Lightyear
This Pattern is
10″ Eve

Finding Nemo

This pattern is
10″x 8″ Dory Dory
This pattern is
10″x 10″ Marlin Marlin
This pattern is
10″x 7 1/2″ Turtle Squirt


This Pattern Is
10″ Hello Kitty
This Pattern Is
10″ My Little Pony My Little Pony


This Pattern is


this pattern is
This Pattern Is
Smurf House
Smurf House

Superman Alphabet

This pattern is 7″A1Superman alphabet A This pattern is 7″alpha bSuperman alphabet B This pattern is 7″cccSuperman Alphabet C This pattern is 7″DSuperman Alphabet D
This pattern is 7″ESuperman Alphabet E This pattern is 7″FSuperman Alphabet F This pattern is 7″GSuperman Alphabet G This pattern is 7″HSuperman Alphabet H
This pattern is 7″ISuperman Alphabet I This pattern is 7″JSuperman Alphabet J This pattern is 7″KSuperman Alphabet K This pattern is 7″LSuperman Alphabet L
This pattern is 7″MSuperman alphabet M This pattern is 7″NSuperman alphabet N This pattern is 7″OSuperman alphabet O This pattern is 7″PSuperman alphabet P
This pattern is 7″QSuperman alphabet Q This pattern is 7″imageSuperman alphabet R This pattern is 7″SSuperman alphabet S This pattern is 7″TSuperman alphabet T
This pattern is 7″USuperman alphabet U This pattern is 7″VSuperman alphabet V This pattern is 7″WSuperman alphabet W This pattern is 7″XSuperman alphabet X
This pattern is 7″ YSuperman Y This pattern is 7″ZSuperman Z This pattern is 7″ÞSuperman Þ This pattern is 7″ÆSuperman Æ
This pattern is 7″ØSuperman Ø

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30 Responses to Cartoons and Comics

  1. Mary Ann in Arizona says:

    Hi LilJabs. I want to make a cartoon block to add to your site. In some of your chats ,you mentioned that you use QUILT Assistant:9. What is this software, and where can I obtain it?

  2. zottelliese says:

    Dear liljabs!
    Thanks for your paper piecing patterns.
    At the moment I sew Dory and there is a mistake in.
    Please have a look at her eyes on paper an on picture…they are different,aren’t they?

    • liljabs says:

      Yes they are different from the original. Thank you for letting me know. It’s a long time since I designed her and I have no idea why I changed her. It may have been when I updated the pattern to be put up on the site. But I’ll look into it.

  3. Carolyn Champion says:

    Hi Liljabs…Thanks for sharing your designs…they’re very cute…just wish there were more hours in the day to do all the fun quilting etc that I want to do.

    • liljabs says:

      thank you 🙂
      I know what you mean. If I cauld I would spend all my time in the sewingroom (well I do most of the time :P)

  4. Ingrid-Marie Schwan says:

    good morning, liljabs found your site whithout searching:) and am very happy,that yourè sharing all this beautiful patterns. Did some paperpiecing a few years ago, but thought after a while, I wasnt patient enough …. now, two weeks ago I had a wonderful, inspiring weekend, whith seven other women,who love sewing and especially quilting.we had lots of space a n d time (almost paradise) The woman sharing the table beside me, did some beautiful paperpieced flowers and when I was at home again, I found your pattern of a bluebird… and was excited.
    Perhaps this is a new beginning for paperpiecing in my life…:)

  5. Christine says:

    Hi liljabs, I love your patterns (especially the Finding Nemo ones), but unfortunately these aren’t printing right. They are getting cut off (even when I do it on bigger paper). Please help!! Thanks so much for all yoru time and efforts. Your patterns are wonderful!!

    • liljabs says:

      Thank you.
      are you sure your printing scale is set to 100% or ‘none’ (depending on what software you use)
      if it still doesn’t work scaling it to 80% has worked for some but that would make the pattern smaller.
      the patterns should fit a standard A4 paper but I know the us have smaller standard paper.
      I’m in the middle of moving right now but when I’m unpacked I’m planing on fixing most of my old patterns to fit for both us and Europe standard paper. It can take a few weeks for that to happen though 🙂

  6. Christine says:

    Thank you bunches!! Your time and effort is so much appreciated. I am going to start making a Disney/Pixar themed quilt for a children’s charity soon so I will wait 😀 Again, this is so appreciated. I used to design PP patterns myself but have since fallen off the wagon with it, so I know how much time it takes to do these things. Thank you again. Your patterns are wonderful!!

  7. Jesse says:

    Found your patterns through fandominstitches, and was wondering if you were open to doing commissions at all. I’ve been wanting to do a my little pony quilt, but my block-making skills are rather weak. >.<

    • liljabs says:

      I haven’t been doing commissions no. But I do look through the request page on fandom in stitches quite often and get a lot of my inspiration from there.

      I wasn’t planing on making more pony blocks. But I never know what I’m in the mood for any given day.

  8. Katherine Caldwell says:

    Thank you for the Cars patterns my grandsons are going to be happy.

  9. Rebecca Richardson says:

    Thank you for the patterns. Love them. I made a superhero quilt for each of my boys for Christmas.

  10. Bernadette says:

    hello, thank you for the car’s patterns
    Iast year I made lightning macqueen in cushion for my grandson who likes cars
    this year I will make mater.

  11. Thank you for the Eve pattern. My 5 year old loves Wall-e and got the biggest smile on his face when I printed this out. I can’t wait to try this!

  12. Winn says:

    Are these legal? Has Pixar or Disney given permission for their pictures to be used? I would hate to steal from them.

    • liljabs says:

      Free patterns are 100% free. No money is made from free patterns and no infringement of any kind is intended.
      patterns are for private or non-profit/non-commercial use only

      They useually don’t mind as long as you are not profiting from it.
      I only make these for fun and ask that no one sells anything they make with my patterns or re-sells my patterns.

      If they would ask me to take them down I would do so. But as of yet they haven’t.

  13. Melissa Leite says:

    Will you be making any more patterns for the Cars movies? I love the ones you have up so. I am making quilts for my boys and would love to use more. Thanks for the ones you have done so far!

  14. Heather Riddle says:


    Love your patterns. I am in the middle of making a Cars quilt and I am working on a Nemo quilt next. Anyway you could come up with a Nemo pattern? I’ve tried but I just don’t have the artistic and creative qualities to figure it out. Please……I would be ever so grateful!

    Thank you!

  15. Vangi says:

    Hello, Lil.
    I love your patterns =) Thank you for posting them. I used the Green Lantern one to make a bed cover, and designed the rest of the lantern corps symbols.
    Here’s a picture of it (I linked it to this site):


    • liljabs says:

      Hi thank you 🙂
      I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply but I’ve been on vacation.
      I really love your bed cover Thank you for showing it to me.

  16. Natalie says:

    I have to say you patterns are amazing. You have a beautiful talent. I love your My Little Pony. I wish I could figure out how to make a few of the others…I would love to know if you plan on ever making any Ponies.

    • liljabs says:

      Hi Natalie. Thank you 🙂
      Right now I don’t have any plans on making more ponies
      But that can always change with time. And some might show up sometime in the future but probably not this year at least.

  17. Liliabs, Thank you for sharing your patterns. Now I used two of them – McQueen i Mater (złomek). Here you can see results

  18. Darlene Hinecker says:

    Not sure how to download patterns or if i can from here.

  19. Lynn Atkinson says:

    I was trying to download your 10″ superhero icons , but it keeps coming up ” I violation of their terms of service.” Can you help?

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