Since I made my Yuletide lads quilt before last Christmas, I’ve been getting requests for the patterns. So I finally have the first one ready for you guys. I’m planing on having them all up before Christmas so You can enjoy your very own Yuletide quilt for the holidays 🙂

The Icelandic Yuletide lads are based on an old poem by Jóhannes Úr Kötlum. The lads are much like Santa is for the rest of the world (only we have 13 of them 😛 )

so here is lad number one: stekkjastaur or Sheep-Cote Clod
the pattern is 7″
Stekkjastaur - Sheep-Cote Clod
the pattern may be a little different than the picture since I’ve updated it since I did the quilt 🙂

keep checking in cause the next one should be up in a few days

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