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Dare Devil

Hi and welcome to Pattern Thursday. Today I have a new comic book pattern. That many of you may be interested in now because of the new tv show on Netflix 🙂 Dare Devil 5″ Paper pieced Thank you to … Continue reading

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District 6

After a few weeks hiatus I am back with more Thursday Patterns 🙂 Today is a continuation in the Hunger Games Districts series District 6 Thank you to KellyLea for being my pattern tester on this one 🙂 If you’d … Continue reading

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Something a little different

Hi everyone. Today I’m doing something new and different, you see today’s patter is not paper pieced like all the others but hand embroidered. It’s also my first Harry Potter pattern. Witch has been a long time coming since Harry … Continue reading

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College Days Blog Hop

Hi everyone and welcome to my little patch of the internet 🙂 Sorry I’m a little late today I’ve been having some technical difficulties. If this is your first time to please take a look around I have got … Continue reading

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We’re going back, to the future

Back to the future has been one of my favorite movie series since I was a kid. The one thing I always wanted (but still don’t have) was a Hover Board. Since it doesn’t look like I’ll get one any … Continue reading

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Dauntless : The Brave

Today we have the last Divergent Faction and probably the one most of you’ve been waiting for. I also included a few different quilt setups I’ve been playing around with in EQ7 in case you are wondering what to do … Continue reading

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Amity : The Peaceful

Here is the Fourth Divergent faction I hope you’ll enjoy 🙂 Amity Thank you to Marjorie Nath for being my pattern tester on this one 🙂 If you’d like to help with bringing my patterns to the front page. Please … Continue reading

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Candor : The Honest

I started reading Veronica Roth’s Divergent just over a year a go and completely fell in love with the series. (I haven’t finished the third one yet so no spoilers plz). I really wanted to make something Divergent related for … Continue reading

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Skylanders : Nature

Today being the first day of my summer vacation I think it is the perfect time for some nature 🙂 so today I bring you Skylanders Nature element Nature Thank you to Kylie Holbeck for being my pattern tester on … Continue reading

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Hulk Smash!

He may not be my favorite superhero, but he is my nephews favorite. It must be something about getting real mad and wanting to brake things that he likes hihi. Some thing he can relate to at 6 1/2 years. … Continue reading

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