Hulk Smash!

He may not be my favorite superhero, but he is my nephews favorite. It must be something about getting real mad and wanting to brake things that he likes hihi. Some thing he can relate to at 6 1/2 years.
That means that I had to make his logo



and continuing on with the Avengers theme I have these days I also have Thor. Marvels, Thor Doesn’t really have a logo, not that I could find at least. so I made Mjölnir it seems very like him at any rate.



I’d like to thank the lovely ladies over on ‘Fandom In Stitches Pattern Testers’ group on facebook who tested these for me.

as always
Happy Sewing

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1 Response to Hulk Smash!

  1. soma1773 says:

    Great designs! I like the logo you made for Thor! You are a really wonderful aunt 🙂


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