TABABOM and other things :D

Just reminding everyone that there is a new Block today on There and back again a Hobbit block of the month over on Fandom In Stitches. This is my first block in the TABABOM but definitely not the last 😀

and for those looking for more new fandom patterns I have a big post coming later in the week (probably Friday) with a few new patterns.

And then I’m going to spend the weekend testing and finalizing 2 new Rudolph themed patterns. Those should hopefully be up early next week so you’ll have some time to make them before Christmas comes along 😀

Have Fun Sewing and I’ll see you Friday

oh and don’t forget to visit Lily’s auction page and help pay the hospital bills of a lovely little kitty 🙂

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1 Response to TABABOM and other things :D

  1. ofenjen says:

    Ooooh, a big post! I can’t wait!

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