So What Did I Do This Year 2011

2011 Has been a year of ups and downs for me. It started with the opening of on January 5th. and the site has grown from getting 49 visits the first month to being over 2000 in December.

I don’t have time to go over all the new patterns or projects I’m working on so I’ll just do the highlights.
In February I finished my Twibom (Twilight block of the month hosted on twilight_crafts (livejournal)) Quilt top. And it won the first price in the twibom challenge.
Twibom Quilt top

Also in February I did this little Panda wall hanging
Panda wall-hanging

In April just 2 days after my birthday my grandfather passed away. To keep my mind occupied I made these two. ‘Hogwarts Classic Film’ and ‘Twilight Cover wall hanging’
Hogwarts Classic FilmTwilight cover wall hanging

In June I lost my cat Skutla she was 17 yrs old. I was there with her when she drew her first breath and I was there holding her when she drew her last.

The next few months I was wallowing around in depression. Until Jennifer contacted me about doing ‘there and back again’ A Hobbit block of the month that is going on right now on Fandom in Stitches. The first of my ‘TABABOM’ blocs called ‘The Road’ was now in December
TABA BOM 3 December

After that I picked myself up and started designing like crazy as can be seen by my ever-expanding designs page.

In November I put up designs on my Etsy page (with more to come in the new year)

I also finished ‘Sue’s got mail’ a little wall hanging that has pockets for my Christmas cards.
2011 Christmas project

In December I finished one of my ‘Project of Doom’ quilt tops. I have 2 more in the works that I’m planing on finishing next year.
PodBow finished quilt top

I also finished Little Hooters I gave it to my sister for Christmas. The pattern is from Sewhooked
Two little Hooters
it also was my first try at free motion quilting
here is a closeup
Two little Hooters

and I did a wall-hanging for my grandfather with my Ice horse pattern which is based on a photo of one of his horses. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that one since the usb drive it was on died but I’ll take a pic the next time I visit them

I had a few sad moments this year but so many more happy moments and I made so many new friends. My friends that have been so good to me this year. Helped my through my losses and celebrated with me during the good times. I thank you all for a wonderful year and hope to have another one as amazing as this one. (although if we could skip loved ones dying, that would be good)

Is going to bring bigger and better things. I already have a big (secret) project that I’ll be working on. That you will hear more about later in the year.
I’ll be making lots more of Fandom patterns, hopefully expand my etsy store, and practice my free motion Quilting 😀
And of course I’m looking forwards to making more quilty and crafty friends along the way.

So I lift my glass to you and say ‘To another fabulous year and may we have many, many more to come’

Remember to come back on the 5th of January for’s 1st birthday giveaway, and the first free pattern of 2012.

Have a crafty and quilty new year

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2 Responses to So What Did I Do This Year 2011

  1. ofenjen says:

    What a fantastic and productive year! I love seeing what you got up to. I’m sure 2012 will be amazing for you. 🙂

    • liljabs says:

      I loved going over the year and seing all the things I got done 🙂

      I’m at least going into 2012 feeling very positive about the future. And with a distinct plan on what is to come. Wich I have never had before 😀
      I really don’t dobt that it will be even better than 2011, witch was pretty awesome for the most part.

      Happy new year!

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