12 for 2012

12 for 2012

I’m doing the 12 for 2012 challenge this year. Witch is to finish 1 UFO each month this year.

Most of my UFOS only need quilting and I’m not even sure I have 12 projects that I’ve started but not finished But here is my list of projects I’m going to finish this year 🙂

January: Twilight cover wall hanging (quilting)
February: PODBOW quilt 1 (quilting
March: Spring Fling (a Easter quilt from Quilters world magazine I’ve been wanting to start)
April Hunger games wall hanging
May Twilight quilt (quilting)
June PODBOW quilt 2
July Hogwarts classic film (quilting)
August finish quilting my Yuletide lads quilt (I started quilting it in January 2011 but never finished)
September Podbow Quilt 3
October Tristan’s Disney quilt
November TABABOM (I might finish it before this but this is the earliest I can blog about it 😛 )
December My Rudolph collection thingy (once I’ve found out what to make with them) 😛

Look at that I do have 12 UFOS who knew 😛
So I hope posting this now will keep me on schedule this year 😛

Remember Liljabs.com is turning 1yrs this Thursday and I’m having a birthday giveaway. So make sure to drop by on the 5th 😀

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1 Response to 12 for 2012

  1. ofenjen says:

    Your list is like mine, mostly quilting and finishing almost-complete projects!

    Good luck!

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