I was actually. Planing on having another pattern today but with all the quilting I’ve been doing on my 2/12 I didn’t have time to test it. So I went with the one I was planing on posting next week but had already sewn and finished the pattern.
Thanks to that you’ll get another Hunger games pattern this week:)
This pattern is called Capitol and is the Capitols crest (from the upcoming movie). I am making a series if these that (if all goes well) will be one each month for this year.
I’m making all mine with batik fabrics on black background.

Capitol is 10″ and you can find it and my other Hunger Games patterns in the Scify/fantasy section

Happy sewing

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7 Responses to Capitol

  1. That came out really well! Great looking pattern.

  2. ofenjen says:

    Awesome, as usual! Posting on FiS today. 🙂

  3. Michelle says:

    I am really curious as to how many Hunger Games patterns you are planning on doing. Also, I really love Batiks and that came out gorgeous.

    • liljabs says:

      Thank you 🙂
      I love batiks as well and they tend to look really good with black.

      For the 10″ blocks.
      I’m making one for each of the 12 districts (and district 13 when/if the film makers make that one for me to base it on) and the capitol. That is 13 blocks in the next year (not counting the 3 book covers I have already finished) and then no 14 will hopefully follow soon after that.

      I have no real plan for the 5″ caracter blocks, they will just come along as inspiration hits me.

      • Michelle says:

        That is great to know. If I ever freaking figure out paper piecing, I will be making these. (Just bought the background fabric for the Harry Potter project of doom so hopefully that project’ll shed light on the process)

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