Girl Power

Looking over my Comic book patters I realized that there is a serious lack of Girl Power. I really feel I need to fix that. I find that there are very few female superheroes that have their own logo though. It’s all super girl and bat girl… that use their male counterparts logo. But there is one that is the original super girl.

Our first Female super hero

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman is 5″ and is now joining the other heroes on the Comics/cartoons page

Paper Pieced Pattern-A-Day Garden Party Blog Hop

Just to let you guys know. I’m participating in sewhooked’s Paper Pieced pattern-a-day Garden party blog hop. It starts on April 1st so remember to check out Sewhooked on Sunday (and every day in April) for a free garden party themed Paper pieced pattern. My date is April 6th. So next weeks pattern will be up on Friday instead of the normal Thursday 🙂

Happy sewing and I’ll see you next week

I'm a Craftsy Designer

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