Wandering Along

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So Yesterday was the 2nd post of ‘Not all Who Wander Are Lost’ ,Block(s) of the month over on Fandom in stitches. Like last month I thought I’d share my finished blocks.


Rivendell, designed by Regina Grewe

Elvish Tengwar for '9'

Elvish Tengwar for ‘9’,  designed by Breanne Cremean


Nazgul, designed by Michelle Thompson

So now that you’ve seen mine why don’t you wander on over to fandom in stitches and get the patterns. and off you go sewing away 😀

and then when you’ve finished head on over to the fandom in stitches flickr group to share your finished blocks and look at the other versions of the blocks  🙂

happy sewing


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2 Responses to Wandering Along

  1. soma1773 says:

    Your month 2 blocks are beautiful!!

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