Theft Allert!!!

Los Angeles Needleworks is selling PATTERNS AVAILABLE FOR FREE taken from all over the internet, including those from Fandom In Stitches and and more.

Please, PLEASE support your indie designers and free patterns online and DO NOT purchase anything from them. We would very much appreciate it you could spread the word and help stop this theft.

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7 Responses to Theft Allert!!!

  1. I thought the whole reason all the paterns designed directly from an existime image wewr free was because making money off them was an infringement of copyright. Turn them into disney maybe

    • liljabs says:

      It is a part of the reason. But mostly it is because I do this for my own (and others) enjoyment not for profit.
      But turning it in to Disney might make them ask us to take down all of our copyrighted material. Because although not intended for profit it can be used for it by others.

      I know of a person in the doctor who community who designed a knitted pattern and gave away for free. But someone took that pattern sold the toys knitted from it. And the maker of the pattern was threatened with a lawsuit if she didn’t remove the pattern.

      I sent LANeedelworks a harsh worded letter yesterday and they seem to have at least taken my pattern down now along with a few others.

      • soma1773 says:

        Unbelievable!! That is really a rotten thing that these people are doing! I am glad you got them to take your pattern down.

        I didn’t know that they could come after you even though your intention was to use it for nonprofit purposes. That’s interesting.

      • liljabs says:

        It’s a good way to ruin a perfectly good Sunday.

        But although my and Jennifer’s patterns were taken down this morning Michelle’s and Sonia have theirs still up there and a lot of other people as well.

        The patterns that are directly taken from an image like my Disney patterns, are technically copyrighted to Disney. although I own the rights to my pattern. So if they ask me to take it down I have to or else they can sue me.
        But since I’m not selling it they most likely would not. But I wouldn’t willingly point them in my direction just in case.

  2. soma1773 says:

    Great news, Lilja! Looks like the site has been taken down!

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