Not All Who Wander are Lost

It has hopefully not gone unnoticed by anyone that I’m hosting a lord of the rings Block(s) of the month over on Fandom In Stitches this year called Not All Who Wander are Lost. The first post was January 4th and it will be posted every first Friday of the month through December 6th ending in a full 45 by 61 Inch quilt top (for someones Christmas gift perhaps).

Well finally last month I had my first pattern up it’s called Isengard and in a 7×23 Inch pattern showing Souroman’s Tower ‘the Orthanc’

Not All Who Wander

Isengard Pattern

I also happen to have two patterns this month. It is one of only two months that the same designer has more than one pattern.

The first one being Treebeard. This is something I really wanted to do since he is one of my favorite characters from the films (the books being a completely different matter 😛 )


Treebeard Pattern

The last offering of today is one of my older patterns that you may or may not have noticed vanishing from my site around two years ago when I decided to use it as a part of the bom. So here it comes again the Shard of Narsil


Shard Of Narsil Pattern

So that’s it for today. Make sure to check out Fandom In Stitches the first Friday of every month this year for new Not All Who Wander are Lost patterns.

and as always

Happy sewing


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2 Responses to Not All Who Wander are Lost

  1. Treebeard looks fantastic! I’m still surprised by how much detail you designers can get into a single paper pieced block 😀

  2. Soma Acharya says:

    Treebeard looks awesome, Lilja 🙂

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