Sci-Fi and Fantasy

If you make any of my blocks I would love to see a picture :)
You can send them to my email Here, leave a link in the comments or put your pic in my flickr group

All of my patterns are in PDF format. print scaling should be set to ‘none’ so it prints in correct size. (otherwise the bigger patterns that are on more than one page may not fit correctly together)
Clicking the picture brings you to a bigger version of the picture, clicking the text below the picture opens the patterns :)

My patterns are for personal and non-profit use only. And are Not for Reproduction or resale

Happy Sewing

Doctor Who Lord of the Rings
and The Hobbit
The Hunger Games
Princess Bride Divergent Back to the Future
Narnia Star Trek Harry Potter

Doctor Who

this pattern is 5″
Tardis V1
this pattern is 5″
new doctor who logo
New Logo
this pattern is 5″
10 sonic screwdriver
10′s Sonic Screwdriver
this pattern is 5″

Lord of the Rings
and The Hobbit

This pattern is 7″
TABA BOM 3 December
The Road
This Pattern Is 7″
The Precious
This Pattern is 7″
boob_liljabsBarrels Out Of Bond
This Pattern is 7″
TABA BOM AugustMithril

not all banner

This pattern is 7″ x 23″
Not All Who WanderIsengard
This Pattern is 7″
This Pattern is 7″
shardShard Of Narsil
This Pattern Is 7″img026 The Eye of Souron
This Pattern is 7″
Not All Who WanderJRRT
Final Layoutfinal

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

For the rest of the Not all who wander are lost blocks visit
this pattern is 5″
Staff Of Saruman
Staff of Saruman

The Hunger Games

this pattern is 10″
Hunger Games
this pattern is 10″
Catching Fire
this pattern is 10″
This Pattern Is 10″
This pattern is 10″
District 1
District 1
This Pattern Is 10″
District 2 - Masonry
District 2
This Pattern Is 10″
District 3 - Technology
District 3
This Pattern is 10″
District 4 - Fishing
District 4
This Pattern is 10″dist 5District 5
This Pattern is extremely difficult
This Pattern is 10″NR6District 6 This pattern is 10″district 7District 7 This Patterns Is 10″NR8District 8
This Pattern is 10″nr9District 9 This Pattern is 10″10ADistrict 10 This Pattern is 10″d11district 11 This pattern is 10″12aDistrict 12
This Pattern is 10″13District 13  You can find more Hunger Games patterns on the untested patterns page
This Pattern is 5″
Finnick's Trident
This Pattern Is 5″
This Pattern is 5″

Princess Bride

this pattern is 7″


This Pattern is 10″canCandor This Pattern is 10″eruditeErudite This Pattern is 10″abAbnegation
This Pattern Includes Embroidery
This Pattern is 10″AMIAmity
This Pattern is 10″DauntlessDauntless

Back to the Future

This pattern is 7″ IMG_20140616_0001Hover Board


This pattern is 7″The light of NarniaThe Light Of Narnia

Star Trek

This pattern is 7″maquesMaquis

Harry Potter

This pattern is 5″ moomMOM
Ministry of magic
This pattern is 7″Backwards1Backwards

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11 Responses to Sci-Fi and Fantasy

  1. I love your Rose pattern. I’m doing to use as a Dr. Who block for season 1. He tells rose the aliens probably think she is strange looking…all yellow and pink.

  2. Debbie says:

    I love your hunger games patterns. Thank you for sharing them. 🙂 Will you be doing more?

    • liljabs says:

      Thank you.
      Yes I will be doing more. I have most of the districts patterns drawn already I just need time to finish testing before putting the patterns up 🙂

  3. Jaclyn says:

    Thank you for sharing! I have your website saved to my phone so I don’t lose it. I hope to one day make the LOTR squares. I’ll send you a pic if I ever get around to making them!!!

  4. KellyLea says:

    Am wondering if you need someone to test the remaining Hunger Games patterns. I have three left to complete and since I am on a roll, would love to keep going.

    • liljabs says:

      I’m sorry but all the patterns I’ve finished drawing up are on the site. But as soon as I get them finished they will be up on the untested patterns page 🙂

  5. Thanks for your free patterns! I started with the one form Hungry Games, here you can see the result. I hope you will enjoy this.

  6. The patterns are really wonderfull. Here is the next from Hunger Games – this time “The catching fire”.

  7. Daphne Quimper says:

    OK I’ll admit it to the world! I am not a fan of Hunger Games. However, the blocks you have designed for each sector are amazing. The detail is excellent! I am always in awe of artistic people who can produce such beautiful work.

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